Cygnific and IGT Solutions to build a digital CoE

With the multitude of channels for customers to reach out for help or information, an optimal balance between top-notch technology and personal contact is, more than ever, needed.  To stay on top of the best possible digital experiences for customers, Cygnific and IGT Solutions announced they will form a strategic partnership. They will be creating a digital Center of Excellence (CoE) to advance technology-driven initiatives. The full press release can be found below:

Netherlands, November 14th, 2022

IGT Solutions Private Limited and Cygnific B.V. have announced a strategic partnership and commitment to create a digital Center of Excellence (CoE). By combining Cygnific’s innovative and personal approach on Customer Experience (CX) and the transformative digital services that IGT Solutions offers, they hope to achieve an innovative go-to-market strategy.

Tech driven initiative

Using digital technologies, IGT enables the best possible digital experiences for customers. In the constantly evolving customer landscape IGT’s service offerings and solutions are purpose-built to simplify customer interactions. Combined with Cygnific’s innovative, and personal approach through successful sales and service teams, the two want to advance technology-driven initiatives. The resulting partnership is now confirmed through the initiation of a digital Center of Excellence.

Vipul Doshi, CEO of IGT Solutions: “We are excited to be a part of Cygnific’s digital transformation journey. By bringing together our respective capabilities and experience in forming the joint digital Centre of Excellence, both organizations will undoubtedly unlock greater value and disruption-ready growth in the upcoming years”.

Ramón Delima, Managing Director Cygnific: “We have found an excellent match in IGT Solutions because of our high ambition levels. We aim to continuously improve on the experience of the modern customer. A customer who is constantly connected and aware of what’s possible with modern technology but who still wants and needs to be acknowledged on a personal level. This is where our strengths can come together.”

About IGT Solutions Private Limited

IGT Solutions is a next-gen customer experience (CX) company, defining and delivering transformative experiences for the global and most innovative brands using digital technologies. With the combination of Digital and Human Intelligence, IGT becomes the preferred partner for managing end-to-end CX journeys across Travel and High Growth Tech industries.

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