Cygnific celebrates 25 years of customer satisfaction

Today, 1 February, marks the 25th silver anniversary of Cygnific. In an innovative and ever-evolving customer experience world, Cygnific is committed to offer the next best thing to in-house customer services. Marco Redeker, recently appointed as Managing Director of Cygnific, cut the cake and raised the glass to commemorate this festive moment.

Ambition to improve

In the presence of colleagues and representatives from KLM, Air France Customer Services, Rituals and G-Star RAW, Marco commented that: “Our 25-year journey and development does not end here. We aspire to continue our long-standing and high-quality relationships with our current clients. With a desire for quality and partnership we are also actively pursuing new clients to add to our portfolio and growing our footprint abroad, like we have done with our Curacao office. We believe we are uniquely able to add a new and fresh perspective in retail, aviation but also in other industries.”

Cygnific spirit and diversity

Marco gave a special thank all Cygificans who weathered the difficult times of recent years: “I experienced the Cygnific spirit, energy and commitment as I was introduced to this company and its people. We have a culture with great diversity and uniqueness. It’s my personal ambition to create an environment where talent can flourish. All Cygnificans are part of our strong foundation, and key to our success in this industry. I see how engaged, motivated, and connected to the brands they are, making them true ambassadors. Their desire to offer quality and spot improvements makes the invaluable to our shared future. Today is as much a celebration honouring them, as it is a milestone for our clients.”

From print to e-commerce

25 years of Cygnific has been a discovery that took us from printed tickets to e-commerce. The rise of self-service in an ever-changing customer journey. 25 years of challenging ourselves, of continuing to grow and innovate, of rediscovering who we are and what we represent. Pioneering in customer contact on social media when the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in April 2010. The hands-on attitude of Cygnific colleagues enabled them switch to the only available channels at that moment; KLM social media. This marked the start of social media as a major contact point for customers. Nowadays, social media as a customer service channel cannot be taken out of the equation. And we were there at the very beginning.

Our accumulated knowledge over the years makes us a trusted partner for companies who want to focus on continues improvement and excellent customer experience.

Celebrate with us?

We will continue the celebration by sharing perspectives throughout the year. If you would like to celebrate this milestone with us, please follow us on our socials: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Or drop us a note for a get together.

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