Welcome to the Cygnific family: Pink Gellac!

You might know the saying “on Wednesdays we wear pink”, but as of today, we will pink all year round. We are happy to welcome Pink Gellac to the Cygnific family! But don’t worry if pink doesn’t suit you, they have over 200 colours to match your mood and identity. Read on to find out more about Pink Gellac’s premium products, their ambition to grow internationally and our brand-new partnership.

Going for gold

On Monday 3 April, we officially signed the (pink) contract at the impressive new Pink Gellac store in Amsterdam on the Nieuwendijk. Our internal Pink Gellac team together with members of the Cygnific board and Pink Gellac Management, explored the store, got to know each other and talked about shared goals. One thing we know for sure: together we are going for gold!

The pink way

At Pink Gellac, they believe nail care is a way to express yourself. With premium products for special occasions and everyday wear, they brighten up your day. Everyone is unique and they want to highlight that. Whether you love bold, striking nails, or prefer to let them shine with a neutral, elegant colour, use their products to feel empowered and beautiful! Pink Gellac offers products, tools and inspiration to make every day exciting, meeting the needs of beauty lovers of all ages and tastes.  

“So let your nails shine, be yourself and enjoy the day. Every day.” 


A perfect match

We spoke to Marieke Gerrits (Chief Digital Officer at Pink Gellac) to find out why Cygnific and Pink Gellac are a great match.  

“Pink Gellac is a Dutch company with the ambition to grow internationally. We have already created a strong presence in the Netherlands and Belgium, but our ambition is larger; we want to service more customers in more countries. We believe Cygnific can help us achieve our goals. Our sets have established a new standard of nail care by providing a full-service salon experience straight into homes. We offer guidance and personal experience to everyone, regardless of the customers’ expertise. I recognise this personal touch in my meetings with Cygnific. Our products in combination with your experience in handling a wide range of languages, eye for detail and being able to adapt to the customers, I think we are a great match. We were also looking for a partner who could take us to the next level regarding innovation and improving current processes.

We are excited to start this partnership together!”

Photography by Mohammed Ajammal

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