IAS Marine and Offshore: A proud small team in a big ocean

The International Airline Services (IAS) Marine and Offshore division is a B2T (Business to Trade) operation run by a proud small team based in London, Manila, and Houston. Nathalie Mouton, Global Head of Sales & Marketing, tells us all about it with contagious enthusiasm. 

Meet our Global Head of Sales and Marketing 

French but has been living in the UK for 30 years, Nathalie started as Sales Executive for Air France in London, then joined IAS as Area Sales Manager (Europe) in 1997. Nathalie has been in a Sales and Marketing position since 2000 and now she oversees all commercial and marketing aspects of our business. She works closely with the Cygnific head office and reports to Julius de Jong (Director Finance, Control and Reporting).

  Cygnific employee Global Head of Sales & Marketing

Global team, local support  

With a team of 30 colleagues in Manila, eight in London, and one in Houston, we offer follow-the-sun service (round-the-clock) assistance. This way we can ensure our partner airlines and their travel agents worldwide. 

“As a truly international team, we work with clients worldwide, ensuring that our solutions cater to diverse needs and requirements. Our commitment to fostering positive collaborations with our colleagues, and partners gives us the energy and enthusiasm to excel in our work. We believe in the power of long-term relationships and understand the value of face-to-face interactions, which is why we eagerly look forward to visiting our colleagues and partners whenever the opportunity arises.

Illustration of customers being helped by an agent 

When Nathalie isn’t busy leading our global operations, she finds balance through yoga and regular travels. But she also cherishes her family visits to France and the United States. Always seeking new experiences and embracing the wonders of the sea. Just like Nathalie, the rest of the IAS Marine & Offshore team is not stagnant. They are a dynamic team with a youthful spirit, ready to take on new challenges and contribute to the success of Cygnific. 


Nathalie and the team recognise the value of loyalty and maintaining connections, some of which have spanned two decades. They are committed to going the extra mile to find solutions and meet the unique needs of each customer. Because of their dedicated team and extensive experience, you can trust them to handle your seamen’s travel requirements professionally. 

Overcoming challenges 

The seamen industry comprises approximately 1.8 million professionals worldwide. We understand the growing competition among airlines to tap into this resilient and lucrative market. That’s where IAS Marine & Offshore comes in. Their unique position as a one-stop-shop of expertise allows them to handle airline net fare tickets. But also to navigate the complexities of seamen travel seamlessly. Whether it’s last-minute changes, multiple segment itineraries, mixed airlines, documentation, or visas, their specialised focus ensures exceptional services deliver every time. 

We will maintain strong relationships with the trade and the airlines, so we can identify new niche markets that fit our business model. We are also looking into new travel technologies, so we can attract new customers and increase our sales.” 

New Opportunities 

On 24 April, the team reached a milestone: they launched their AFKL (Air France KLM) services to the French market! The next goal is to grow our airline portfolio, discussions are underway. 

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