Cygnific x SUSA Customer golf event: a day to remember

On 20 October we hosted a Cygnific Golf Clinic in collaboration with SUSA, an employment agency that offers flexible job opportunities for students. Despite the weather, there was an interesting mix of inspiration, networking opportunities, and golf challenges.

Following in the footsteps of the KLM Open, we invited our guests to prepare themselves for a challenge on the green of Bernardus Golf in Cromvoirt. After a short introduction and lunch, Marc Keijsers, Manager Business Analysis and Workforce Management (WFM) led an inspirational session. Elaborating on the concept of using personas to get higher employee engagement and acceptable levels of absence, by offering secondary labour conditions suited to several stages of the employee’s personal life.

WFM matching customer and employee needs

“You’ll see that a large part of the level of employee satisfaction is influenced by their schedule” said Marc, “it is difficult to cater to individual needs when you have several hundred Agents that work for you. And you can’t solely ask the employee to be flexible at all times. Rigid working hours can be part of employees’ choice for leaving a company. Asking for limited flexibility based on personal needs that come with certain stages of life, makes for a puzzle easier to solve. The focus moves from the moment of scheduling to the capacity planning process when matching customer needs with Agent availability”.

“It’s a new approach in using WFM with perspectives that match customer, client and employee preferences and needs. That way you can positively influence the most important asset of your company: your employees.”

Networking and active interaction

After the WFM session, skilled golfers were asked to show their abilities on the green. For those new to the sport, there was a golf clinic to help master the first steps. The day, overall, provided engaging conversations. We look back on a successful day, meeting and inspiring each other to push Customer Contact to be an innovative area of expertise.

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