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We’ve been in the customer service business since 1998. With a flying start from KLM, we have plenty of experience under our belts. We started as a cost-based company and shifted towards a better matching value-based model. Our customer’s perception of the value of our services is our main measurement. This perspective helps us to create an experience that reaches (and often even exceeds) their expectations. 

We make sure to monitor the quality of our service and our customer satisfaction levels as well as other key performance indicators. One positive outcome is the satisfaction results during COVID-19. They increased! Even when we could not offer the product (in this case, flights), we could keep travellers happy by providing our personal touch during uncertain times.

The way we work

We’re your brand ambassadors and bring 24/7 service with a smile. We know what true customer engagement means and add our personal touch to every conversation. We don’t use scripts, because authentic conversations are a chance to gain loyal customers. In our open work environment, we work with Learning & Development specialists who give extensive training in technical and people skills. And with our in-house Centre of Expertise, we acquire new knowledge, maintain existing knowledge and share this throughout the company. This way, we make sure our colleagues can always perform at the top of their game.   

We follow the (online) journey of our customers. Do you also find it important to offer premium service with a smile? Would you like to explore and pioneer with us? And are you curious to know what we can do for your organisation? Reach out to us today, we are excited to hear from you!

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