Centre of Expertise

Centre of Expertise

Francis Bacon once said; “knowledge is power”. At Cygnific, we believe in the power of sharing the knowledge we gain with our colleagues and our clients. Our Centre of Expertise (CoE) is responsible for acquiring new and maintaining existing knowledge and making sure it’s shared. Because the CoE is our own, we safeguard performance and quality and ensure Cygnificans perform at the top of their game.

Our CoE is a vital connector between clients, people and departments. They’ve got a lot to offer; from taking on an advisory role to implementing a knowledge tool from A to Z. For instance, if a client wants to change a policy in the way of working in an order system, we involve the CoE to make sure all scenarios are well thought-out. What if a process is different on paper than in practice? Do we need to provide extra training? Should information be updated? For these questions, we can rely on our CeO to guarantee the new policy is ready to use. They are on top of their game for our business in the Netherlands, and together with our other knowledge hubs worldwide, all information flows are in place and ready to go!

Are you interested in working with our knowledge experts? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

“Our approach is always tailor-made; the goal of our department is to help people, not to enforce our way of working. Every company and even department can have a different style that suits them. We are the ones who bring structure to your company or a certain process”

Kamilla Kiander (Manager Knowledge Management, Centre of Expertise)

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