We meet customers where they are. On the phone, in a chat, on social media, you name it! Wondering how we can facilitate this? We make use of omnichannel technology to give us a 360-degree view of the customer journey. That way, no matter how, or via which channel a customer contact us, we have all the required info from their contact moments to help them out.  

To facilitate this, we use top technologies such as Salesforce and Odigo. But that’s not all! Omnichannel is linked to external systems to make sure we have important information at hand. For example, through KLM systems, we can access flight information, loyalty membership details, file references and much more. This allows us to focus on the customer’s journey, anticipate future actions, spot sales opportunities and offer assistance.  

So, which platforms are part of the customer journey we service and what is our expertise? Find out here. 

Social media

We are pioneers when it comes to online engagement. Does the name Eyjafjallajökull ring any bells? This volcano in Iceland erupted on 10 April 2010, closing the airspace above Europe and cancelling all flights. Our phones were ringing off the hook so many customers were desperately looking for different ways to contact KLM. They turned to social media channels which had only been used for marketing activities up to that point. Hands-on as we are, we decided to pioneer in the world of customer service via social media and this is what we’ve achieved! Clients we support with social media services:

We’ve been providing 24/7 customer service for KLM on Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram and WhatsApp, and we excel at it! 
So, it’s not surprising that our social media services have already won several awards and regularly went viral.
We play an active role in guarding KLM’s reputation on social media.
We developed chatbots with external parties to handle millions of social media posts and messages per year! These chatbots enhance our productivity while keeping a personal touch in our messages.

We’re allround, and we aim for nothing less than surprising customers daily with the wow factor, while offering solutions as soon as possible. 

Clients we support with social media services:

Air France
Pink Gellac
Rituals (no public messages) 


If you need real-time support, but prefer to write your request down, we are ready! Using WebChat, we make sure we answer questions just as swiftly and smoothly as you would by calling on the phone or through social media. With WebChat, we guide our customers through a website or buying process to never miss a sales opportunity!  

Clients we already support with WebChat services: 



Maybe the most unpopular channel nowadays, but there are still plenty of customers who approach us via e-mail. So, we make sure they always get the right kind of support with all the requirements that are dear to our brands, including their core values. We can be true brand ambassadors. 

Clients we already support with e-mail services: 

Rituals (no public messages) 

Loyalty programmes

Every customer is important; how could you disagree? The new ones, who just started trying out a product or service and the loyal ones who have been coming back for years. We want our customers to be as loyal to your brand as possible. At Cygnific, we always go the extra mile to bond customers with the brands we represent. One of the ways to do this is via loyalty programmes.  

For Flying Blue, Europe’s leading frequent flyer program, we maintain contact with loyal customers of KLM and Air France. We happily assist all members in getting the best out of their Flying Blue membership. It’s very easy to reach us via social media, phone, website, e-mail or face-to-face in the KLM Crown Lounge at Schiphol Airport.  

Since 2015, our most loyal Flying Blue members can count on the customised support we offer through our Platinum Service Line. This phone line can be reached 24/7 and is covered by a dedicated team. It has no waiting lines and ensures the swiftest solution to the issues our most frequent travellers face. Besides that, we have the Ultimate Service. A pro-active personal travel assistant for our Ultimate Platinum Elite Customers. 

Curious to learn how we can support you as a potential client with your loyalty programme? Contact us now

Clients we support with loyalty programmes: 

Air France

Other areas of expertise

We are versatile and always at your service. We think of possibilities when supporting (future) clients, no matter who your customer is or what their request might be. This is also shown in some specific support initiatives we set up specifically for KLM. 

Customised Services & Care: this group of colleagues handles a wide range of specific services of which Customer Care is the largest team. They handle after-sales compliments, claims and suggestions, for instance, for customers with a flight delay or baggage claim. 
Trade support: travel agents are important to many companies operating in the airline industry and we have a specialized group of colleagues to handle their requests. 
Group support: creating a booking for ten or more passengers? Not a problem! Whether it is for a direct customer, a tour operator, travel agency or company, we handle the request.  

Clever and inventive support

As you can see, what we’re good at is aligning with what you’re passionate about and setting up the services that are needed for your particular case.  

Don’t be shy, contact us if you want to explore:  

Setting up a dedicated customer service team to become your brand ambassadors
anaging customer contact with smart supporting technology without losing sight of making a personal connection with your customer on a variety of channels  
Using insights to think along and identify improvement in your customer journeyList item
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