Our clients

Our clients

Our clients all have an important thing in common with us: we feel delighted in providing a premium customer experience. We are true brand ambassadors, and we are proud of who we represent in each moment of customer contact. 

Clients we work for

We like to do things differently. Maybe because our roots are found up in the air, instead of the usual deep-in-the-ground. We started as a daughter company of KLM and expanded our expertise in the aviation industry to Air France and Delta Air Lines. We also attend to their product BlueBiz and loyalty program Flying Blue.

Our roots began to settle into firm ground with the iconic cherry blossom tree of Rituals whom we proudly serve since 2019. In the spring of 2023, we welcomed Pink Gellac to our retail portfolio. You can imagine we took the knowledge we gained from KLM and Air France and levelled it up to serve our new retail clients. How to help a Rituals customer on the telephone decide if the new product line is a smell they might like? How to sell them a Rituals Christmas Advent Calendar via WhatsApp without spoiling the surprise of what’s in it? Or how to advice a Pink Gellac customer via e-mail which nail colour suits them best? With our experience, we know how to make the connection and translate the less tangible aspects of your unique product to help your customer. 

Clients such as Rituals and Pink Gellac offer high segment products and we love to represent other brands as well. We are eager to align with your ambition yet remain unmistakably Cygnific with our own culture and values. Check out these clients who are part of our extended family.  

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