Our history 

Our history 

Cygnific was founded in 1998 as a proud subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. We have maintained strong ties with our founding mother company throughout the years. Nevertheless, in 2016, we spread our wings to assist other brands as well. Let us take you along some of the important milestones of our history. 

Our offices in the Netherlands – 1998

Our head office is based in Amsterdam, where you can find us near Sloterdijk Station. We also have a Sales & Service Centre in Enschede, which is centrally based in front of the Central Station.    

Introducing e-commerce services – 2004

Once upon a time, KLM only sold paper tickets. Hard to imagine, right? From the moment our customers had the option to order tickets online, a whole new set of questions emerged. How do I order tickets? Is this safe? I don’t have an e-mail address (yes, this was also new to many). How do I get my digital ticket? We were on the brink of a new digital era in which we quickly found our way, because it was our job to answer these questions.  

Lean Six what? – 2008

Lean Six Sigma is a term you will often hear at Cygnific. Why? Because it’s our favourite methodology for improving our processes’ efficiency and the quality of our services.

The launch of social media services – 2010

Does the name Eyjafjallajökull ring any bells? This volcano in Iceland erupted on 10 April 2010, closing the airspace above Europe and cancelling all flights. Our phones were ringing off the hook so many customers were desperately looking for different ways to contact KLM. They turned to social media channels which had only been used for marketing activities up to that point. Hands-on as we are, we decided to pioneer in the world of customer service via social media.

Going international – 2015

The year 2015 marked the start of our international expansion. With more than 30 nationalities, you can find Cygnificans all around the globe:  the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Curaçao, Albania and India.

Spreading our wings with other brands – 2017

Sometimes you find this perfect match… someone with whom you share a common ground. At Cygnific, we’ve been lucky to work with brands that share our passion for a premium customer experience. From 2016onwards, we’ve expanded our vision and expertise by teaming up with adidas GLITCH, Air Miles and Hudson’s Bay, G-star RAW, Rituals and Pink Gellac. The latter two are still part of our extended Cygnific family.  

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