Our services 

Our services

Providing a premium customer experience is in our DNA. We dare to be different and enjoy pioneering. An example of this is when we started handling customer service via social media channels for KLM back in 2010 (curious to know why we decided to take that step? Check that story here!). But you can also see this in the way we work with our multi-skilled customer service heroes for our current brands, Rituals and Pink Gellac. Let’s check some facts and figures: 

We handle more than 11 million transactions annually with 3.6 million calls, 120,000 chats, 530,000 e-mails and 4.5 million contacts on social media. 

Want to know what our secrets are? Let us share some! Firstly, we make smart use of omnichannel technology to provide us with a 360-degree view of the customer. This platform combines all the different ways customers contact us and gives us background information to facilitate the First Contact Resolution. Besides that, the omnichannel collects a sales overview and shows possible sales opportunities your customer may be interested in. 

Secondly, we embrace continuous improvement. This is something that is deeply rooted in the heard of our organisation and ultimately results in the premium customer experience we’re known for.   

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