Our vision

We are Cygnific and we excel in sales & services

Chances are you’ve been in touch with us without even realising it. Ever WhatsApped KLM because you wanted to upgrade your flight? We were the ones who answered your message. Called Rituals for advice on the perfect gift for your loved one? We were the ones who picked up the phone. Both up in the sky and down on the ground, we are here to help every customer on their delightful journey.


Netherlands (Amsterdam & Enschede), Manila, Wembley, Curacao, Tirana, Delhi.

Cygnificans in the Netherlands

Dutch, English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish. 

Cygnificans in the rest of the world

Our ambition

We support companies with the same high expectations of customer service as we do. We aim for happy customers, a high-value brand experience and solutions with a personal approach. Always wanted to know what customer engagement truly means? We can show you! Our motivated and passionate customer service heroes take customer engagement to the topmost level.  They are your ambassadors and your company’s voice, adding your brand personality to their personalised customer contact. Besides, they are empowered to find the best solution to every question as we offer room for ambition, growth, new ideas and innovation. With colleagues from around the world, we make up the dynamic and colourful world of Cygnific.  Read all about it here.

Leadership throughout Cygnific

At Cygnific, we believe in leadership throughout the company. After all, we work towards the same common goal. Therefore, we invest in personal development and growth, which helps to lead others, sets the example and expands our horizons. How do we achieve that? Keep on reading.

We value transparency and aim to create understanding (why we are doing things) and trust (in what we will be doing). We empower our team members to find their routes to how they can achieve their goals.This way, we can build on each other’s capabilities, use the knowledge throughout the company and encourage ownership.   

This helps our customer service heroes to find the connection with our customers and to offer a First Contact Resolution. After all, nobody wants to be sent from one person to another for a fitting solution or answer. 

Benefit of development

We have our own Learning & Development department to train and coach colleagues and support them to make the appropriate choice fitting to the customer journey. We offer a space to grow through peer-to-peer meetings, benefitting both our clients as well as us. By promoting feedback loops from customers, clients and colleagues and by taking in suggestions from the work floor (where all the action happens), we find new ways of working. Through Lean Six Sigma, we clarify the challenges and speed up the implementation of solutions which we then link to our (in-house) technology and business models. Our Centre of Expertise ensures that we share this knowledge throughout the company and (if needed) with our clients and stakeholders.  

Fitting our vision to become the most personal sales & service centre, we believe in a tailor-made relationship between managers, teams and individuals. This means we encourage the presence of leadership and guidance on all levels. So, instead of introducing our Management Team here, let’s introduce you to some of our champions representing different parts and layers of Cygnific. 

Relatively new to Cygnific, but not to the world of aviation, Marco is our Managing Director. He is an adamant player of the board game Settlers of Catan and a lover of outdoor life. He is excited to get to know Cygnific by meeting the heart of our organisation: our people.

Marco Redeker

“I place great value in integrity, respect, cooperation and connection. Listening is more important to me than talking. Working together gives me a lot of energy. I like to connect and empower people. Exploring and utilising our unique qualities, makes us stronger as a team and organisation.”

Anne is from la douce France, she loves having a good time and going to festivals, preferably perfectly dressed for the occasion. Curious to see what that looks like? Make sure to move your cursor over her photo. At Cygnific she is a Team Lead for the Customer Service Europe department. 

Anne Pendu

“When I arrived at Cygnific 22 years ago I was used to the French leadership style which is totally different. In Cygnific I learned to take decisions by myself. It was not an easy road, but thanks to a variety of managers, I built my own style. It is fantastic to have managers who trust you and are there to support you if needed.” 

Daniëlle started out as an Agent, but now she is a Team Lead for the Customer Service the Netherlands department. This power mom loves to work out and take care of her baby boy. 

Daniëlle Watkin 

“Communication is key in good leadership. I try to be a good listener and as transparent as possible. For me, the most important thing is to listen to my team’s needs, be visible and support them. If my team knows and understands what is expected from them and I know their strengths and focus points, I can guide them to reach their personal and professional goals or targets.” 

HR Operations Manager, mother and MBA student. Caroline is a busy bee who likes to challenge herself. Cygnific is helping her by contributing to her International Management degree at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

Caroline Veldkamp

“My image of a great leader is someone with charisma and a clear vision. Someone who can set a clear goal with a role for everyone. It is important to be specific, but with room for input and adjustments along the way. In my role as a leader, I want to inspire others to think about their way of working and look for new approaches to make sure we are constantly improving ourselves. I believe it’s important to provide a team with freedom and autonomy to use their expertise, to learn, and to grow. This is only possible if you have a clear goal and are able to translate that to the team. 

Diego grew up in sunny Buenos Aires, Argentina. You will recognize his laptop or water bottle by the Marvel illustrations. He enjoys this fantastical world so much, that he often goes to conventions such as comic con, to manage the artists or as a visitor all dressed up. He is also an avid sports player who frequently runs marathons, does boxing and is into football.

Diego Martín Anriquez

“When I think about leading, I think about a stage. I like to give my team the stage to perform and lead behind the curtains. I am in the background giving guidance where needed. Occasionally, I come to the front. The combination of providing a spotlight to people and sometimes taking the centre stage suits me well. For me it’s important to give my team a framework to play around in, to let them make mistakes and succeed on their own. But I am always there if they need me. In the office they can come up to me, and at home I am ‘always one click away’.” 

When he is not teaching his colleagues the ropes of the business as a Senior Trainer, Sacha likes to make music. If you need a guitarist or drummer, he’s the one to call. He might look intimidating when you move your mouse over his photo, but he’s a very friendly guy who is always up for a cup of coffee and a nice chat. In fact, his speciality as a Senior Trainer is people skills. 

Sacha Ferrante 

“Being visible and accessible is how I would like my manager to lead, so that is what I do. We work in a big company. Being a leader here means you have a lot of visibility, and I always try to remember how people will take examples from what I do and how I do it. That’s why it is important to be genuine and fair all the time, so that as a leader I can contribute to the genuine and fair organisation we work for. I try to be the best version of myself as much as possible.” 

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