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Our culture

Enter the vibrant world of Cygnific’s culture, where nearly 2,000 Cygnificans of over 30 nationalities come together as a dynamic team. We stand out for our service, a team that’s diverse and enjoyable, and committed to work and play hard. Our international team adds the unique ‘Cygnific Touch’ to customer experiences, sparking joy through professionalism and a shared passion for exploration. We uplift and support clients, customers and colleagues alike, creating lasting impressions in every interaction. Join us in this business-class work environment that encourages growth, ambition, and innovation. Become part of a culture that Connects, Ignites, and Delights.

Leadership and development

At Cygnific, leadership extends beyond the top, weaving through our diverse community. Aligned with a common goal, we prioritise personal growth, nurturing leaders who set the example and broaden horizons. We encourage honesty and trust, so we can all grow and learn together while ensuring seamless customer interactions. Our dedicated Learning & Development department facilitates learning through peer interactions and innovative feedback. Embracing a vision of personalised relationships, we introduce champions across different layers of Cygnific.

Our people

We’re more than just colleagues. We are Cygnificans sharing a close-knit bond. Fuelled by a spirit of constant dedication, we embody a fun, intelligent, and colourful approach, drawing strength from our diverse backgrounds. With a vibrant passion for life, our commitment to travel and exploration infuses the unique ‘Cygnific Touch’ into customer experiences. Our dedication to openness and diverse perspectives shapes our distinctive approach to every interaction.

Triana Bulnes Puerta, Agent
"As a blended Agent I get to captivate and elevate our customers' experience with our assistance. As a Communication Floater I contribute to Cygnific's narrative to provide meaningful and efficient service." -Triana Bulnes Puerta, Agent
Dilara Sen , Project Manager
"Nurturing collaboration and optimizing internal processes fuels my drive as a Project Manager in customer contact, ultimately enhancing our service delivery." -Dilara Sen , Project Manager
Alessio Soranzo , Traffic Controller
"In Cygnific's busy world, I'm like the navigator. I make sure everything runs smoothly for our team, keeping the beat of the 'Cygnific Touch' in every interaction." -Alessio Soranzo , Traffic Controller
Aidan Kelly, Manager Innovation
"I'm committed to finding the sweet spot where technology supports, not hinders, employees. In the future of customer service, I see a seamless integration of virtual and human workers, creating a truly hybrid experience." -Aidan Kelly, Manager Innovation


Business Analysis

Business Analysis

As part of Workforce Management, Business Analysis builds long-term forecasts based on volume expectations, Average Handling Times, and needed operational support.  

Business Development

Business Development

Always on top of what’s happening in the world. Business Development follows trends in the industry and defines and executes programmes that drive continuous improvement.  

Finance, Control and Reporting

Finance, Control and Reporting

Finance, Control and Reporting provides financial advice and ensures, through an internal control and reporting framework, that the strategy of Cygnific is implemented. 

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

For all people-related topics, Human Resource Management is the key advisor and supporter. They recruit our staff and oversee their performance and well-being. 



Innovation facilitates and supports innovation by applying a human-centred approach to ideas, processes, and technologies. 

Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology installs, supports, and administers our technology: computers, telecom, and network infrastructure. They ensure client data is well protected.

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Meaningful and innovative learning experiences encourage growth and development. Learning and Development creates these for our staff throughout their journey at Cygnific. 

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Business Analyses, Workforce Planning, and Central Traffic Control form a workforce management cycle. Workforce Management oversees the entire process. They match staff preferences with client business needs to ensure service level agreements are met. 

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Our history
where it all started...Cygnific
Founding Cygnific 1998

Our original name was ETS. The name Cygnific emerged later, combining ‘Cygnus’ (Latin for swan) and ‘Magnifique’.

Second office opening close to the German border.

Enschede 2001
E-tickets 2004

Introducing the e-ticket.

Lean Six Sigma adopted as methodology for improving our processes efficiency and the qualitly of our service.

Lean Six Sigma 2008
Social Media 2010

In April 2010 the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted, causing a major disruption of airline traffic. Consumer services via social media platforms was born.

On 17 July the world was shocked by the crash of flight MH17. All 288 passengers passed away, and many colleagues had to deal with this tragic event as part of their job.

MH17 2014
Going international 2015

Cygnific spread its wings internationally by working together with the International Airline Services (IAS) in the Philippines.

On 1 April, Air Miles was the first brand other than Air France KLM joining the Cygnific family. Later Adidas, GLITCH, Hudson’s Bay, Rituals, G-Star RAW and Pink Gellac would follow.

Brands 2017
IAS Manila 2019

With the acquisition of IAS, Cygnific adds a new business unit to its portfolio. IAS Marine & Offshore.

Read more
Read more

Festive opening of a new office in Curacao.

Curacao office 2022
IGT coorperation 2022

Cygnific and IGT Solutions form a strategic partnership.

Celebrating the anniversary of Cygnific.

25 years Cygnific 2023
Pink Gellac 2023

Adding Pink Gellac to our portfolio to provide customer services and sales.

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