Cygnific x G-Star RAW

In August 2022, G-Star RAW teamed up with Cygnific to set up a local customer service department, testing a hybrid system that combines an outsourced department with an in-house one to improve information sharing. 

G-Star RAW chose Cygnific because of its proximity and the right balance of quality and price. Decisive factors were Cygnific’s presentation, their people, quality of service, and competitive pricing. Cygnific handled global Business to Consumer (BTC) customer service, excluding Japan, managing worldwide phone, email and social channels for G-Star RAW, working remotely during COVID-19 times and being entirely outsourced. 

The partnership between Cygnific and G-Star RAW: 

Cygnific stands out for its transparency, consistently showing a solution-oriented approach by addressing both positive and negative aspects openly. They adapt plans when needed and are open to making changes. The exceptional quality of their staff and Agents is remarkable. 

Lorenzo Idrofano, Customer Service Manager at G-Star RAW reflects, “With extensive experience in customer service, I noticed that Cygnific’s customer care employees already possessed knowledge and experience in the field. Observing their work and communication skills in the office, I found their skills superior to those of previous companies. Their determination to do the right thing, rather than the easy thing, and their focus on delivering excellent service to the customer stood out.” 

“What they say is what you get with Cygnific. They deliver on their promises and live up to their word.” 


“Throughout our partnership with Cygnific, customer satisfaction as measured by NPS increased by 0.5, rising from 3.7 to 4.2 (out of 5). Customers personally reached out to express gratitude for the outstanding service provided by Cygnific’s agents. Cygnific consistently delivers exceptional service to customers and show a good understanding of our tools at G-Star RAW. The agent’s job is challenging, but Cygnific managed it effectively. The quality of calls surpassed our previous experiences, and they proactively sought ways to enhance service without our explicit requests. This proactive approach is something I greatly appreciated in our partnership.” 

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