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Pink Gellac provides premium nail products such as gel polish, gel polish lamps and nail care products. It prides itself on the quality of its products and aims to make all its customers shine with beautiful, unique nails. Pink Gellac is an omnichannel company, established in 2013 and experiencing rapid growth within the Benelux region. The years 2022 and 2023 were focused on scaling up the business by adding new channels and entering new countries. Cygnific played a significant role in this expansion. 

Cygnific and Pink Gellac partnership 

Sander Groenendijk, Chief Finance & Operations Officer at Pink Gellac: “Pink Gellac’s in-house customer service handles the Dutch and German languages. We were looking for a partner who could grow with us in terms of speed as we expand into different countries with different languages. To enter new countries like France, it’s not just about service contact but also marketing and sales contact to scale up with Pink Gellac. That’s why we entered into a partnership with Cygnific in June 2023. 

“Pink Gellac has engaged closely with Cygnific, sharing core values, brand identity and product knowledge. We’ve done this by inviting customer service representatives from Pink Gellac to our offices and stores, so that they fully understand both the product and the brand. We aim to achieve the same standard in both our in-house and outsourced customer service.” “In our search for an external customer service provider, we wanted a partner that operates from a marketing standpoint and is customer-centric. Also, a partner that’s pragmatic and flexible. Flexibility is a keyword for us. We are a scale-up and our strength lies in being able to pivot quickly and anticipate where necessary. The route to market for us is often extremely short. We expect all partners we work with to adapt to this flexibility. In Cygnific, we found the perfect partner. Some companies, with their facilitative contact centres, are cumbersome. Cygnific is flexible, and that’s where their strength lies.” 

“Customer Service isn’t an expense. It’s part of our customer experience. Cygnific embraces our philosophy and that’s why it’s Pink Gellac’s partner.” 

Sander: “Pink Gellac is a Business to Consumer (B2C) brand where the customer is central. We view Customer Service as ‘customer experience.’ It means that the contact centre is not a cost centre for us but a value centre; it contributes to the marketing and sales of our brand. We strive to provide best-in-class service to every customer we interact with. Besides selling and servicing our products, it also means inspiring and advising existing and new customers. 

“Our high-quality nail care offers beauty enthusiasts of all kinds the freedom to express themselves creatively and independently. This customer-centric approach to contact is something we’ve advocated since the launch of our business and is one of the reasons for our success. Many of our customers are fans, and new customers often come to us through word of mouth. Our excellent customer service is reflected in over 25,000 5-star ratings on Trustpilot. We aim to maintain this standard in all countries, channels and languages we expand into. Cygnific helps us achieve this standard and not only provides premium service to our customers, but also supports our marketing and sales objectives by advising and inspiring customers.” 

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