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Rituals has strategically managed its customer service operations, ensuring that the premium service aligns with its esteemed brand. Handling inquiries through various channels – phone, app, email, and social media – Rituals goes beyond conventional customer service by engaging in conversational commerce and generating product sales during customer interactions. The annual holiday peak from September to December sees a significant increase in customer inquiries, when 300 to 400 additional staff need to be hired. To meet this demand, Rituals has found a dependable partner in Cygnific. 

The partnership between Cygnific and Rituals: 

From September onwards Cygnific takes charge of hiring and training additional staff for the holiday peak in various languages. By early November the team is ready to handle queries as effectively as Rituals’ in-house customer service. To retain knowledge and staff, a decision is promptly made to establish a dedicated team of approximately 35 full-time employees at Cygnific, which remains in place throughout the year and assists in onboarding new team members for upcoming peaks. 


Rommy about the partnership:

Rommy Höfler Verschelling (Head of Customer Relations, Rituals) “The partnership with Cygnific is truly collaborative. It goes beyond the traditional client-service provider relationship, evolving into a cohesive team. Operating as a boutique customer service, Cygnific tailors its approach to match brands like Rituals, creating a unique atmosphere. Employees at Cygnific are genuinely dedicated to the Rituals brand. We openly share all relevant information and plans, collaborating as true partners to ensure the success of our venture, not just operationally but also financially.”

“Cygnific provides Rituals with a boutique experience, seamlessly blending with an in-house customer service feel. A supportive partner that embodies the essence of our own team.”

Rituals, having been voted the most customer-friendly company in the United Kingdom three times, emphasises values such as not inconveniencing customers and admitting and rectifying mistakes. These values, integral to Rituals, are effectively conveyed by Cygnific. Customers experience consistent service quality, whether dealing with Rituals or Cygnific. The high-quality personnel are assessed through internal quality measurement and calibration, creating a talent pool at Cygnific that returns each holiday period, with some individuals even becoming permanent staff at Cygnific or Rituals. 

Rommy expresses her satisfaction: “We are delighted with the results and the collaboration with Cygnific. To maintain this success, we consciously choose to retain the ongoing dedicated team at Cygnific, even though it may entail higher costs than internal handling. Recognising the added value, we are committed to preserving it, extending beyond the holiday peak.” 

In addition to skilled personnel, Cygnific supports Rituals with ‘Lean Six Sigma.’ Green and black belts from Cygnific visit Rituals several times a year to enhance processes and reduce waste. They also train Rituals’ orange belts, enabling the application of Lean Six Sigma within the company itself. 

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