Cygnific welcomes Kris Mandap as General Manager IASA

After 26 years of inspiring leadership, Kris Mandap takes over from Jenny Dugan Dayrit as General Manager of IASA (International Airlines Services Asia). IAS is a Cygnific subsidiary based in Manila in the Philippines. Kris brings more than 20 years of experience in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry to IAS, positioning the company for continued advancement. 

Over 20 years of experience 

Kris started as a customer contact Agent at PeopleSupport, a pioneer in the Philippines, in November 2001. He climbed through the ranks from frontline management to senior leadership and executive roles. In 2019, Kris moved to TaskUs as Vice President of Operations managing one of their Manila offices.  

Now he’s ready for his next move: Managing director of IAS. With his abundant experience in the BPO industry, he can easily relate to colleagues because he has been in their shoes himself.    

Since January he has been at IAS, and as of 1 March he will be fully in charge of the overall operations of the Manila location. He feels at home in the BPO world, but is also excited to explore the realms of aviation and travel, which is a new industry for him.  

With his vast experience in different roles in the world of customer contact, he aims to bring both experience and a fresh perspective to IAS.  

His vision in a three-legged stool 
“My focus is ensuring we can make people’s lives better. I want to make sure that we improve on the areas I feel we can do better in”. Kris believes in three vital groups based on the guiding principles he learned in his tenure in the industry. It’s important to him that he manages the expectations of:   

  • The employees (including himself) 
  • The shareholders 
  • The customers and clients 

He compares the three pillars to the legs of a stool; all of their needs need to be met equally otherwise, the stool will fall. Kris’ primary objective is to identify opportunities for improvement and collaborate with teams in Manila and Amsterdam to innovate collectively and progress as a unified entity. 

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