Introducing SPARK: Igniting Creativity and Innovation at Cygnific 

At Cygnific, we firmly believe in the power of innovation. With pride, we introduce SPARK, a revolutionary platform igniting the creativity and inventiveness of our colleagues within our Customer Service Centre. SPARK encourages everyone in the company to submit their ideas for improvement, propelling our company to new heights. 

The power of SPARK: 

SPARK transcends being just a tool; it’s a mindset. We challenge colleagues to view their daily tasks with an open and critical eye. Where are inefficiencies found? What challenges do they encounter? SPARK provides a platform to address these observations, transforming them into actionable improvements. 

How SPARK works: 

Submitting an idea through SPARK is seamless and intuitive. It doesn’t matter which location or department you work in, everyone can use SPARK. Simply check existing ideas, submit your own, track their progress, and engage with your colleagues’ contributions. With features like quick search and filtering, discovering relevant ideas is effortless. 

The innovation process:

Once submitted, ideas undergo thorough evaluation by our Innovation and Business Development teams. Monthly meetings convene managers to discuss idea feasibility and prioritize those with the most potential impact. Approved ideas are then transformed into projects, with the originator often becoming part of the project team. 

Continuous improvement relaunch:

SPARK is a relaunch of our commitment to continuous improvement. By streamlining the intake process, providing transparency on idea handling, and fostering engagement across departments, we aim to cultivate a culture where innovation thrives. 

Success metrics and future plans:

Success for SPARK is measured not only in the number of submissions, but also in the tangible impact of implemented ideas. Through qualitative surveys and quantitative metrics, we track engagement, approval rates, and the ratio of submitted to approved ideas. As we move forward, SPARK will continue to evolve, driven by the collective ambition to make Cygnific a pioneer in customer service excellence. 


SPARK is more than just a platform; it’s a catalyst for change. By harnessing the diverse perspectives and expertise of our colleagues, we are shaping a brighter future for Cygnific. Join us on this journey of innovation and transformation with SPARK. Together, let’s ignite the spark of brilliance within our organisation. 

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