The power of smart innovation and continuous improvement at Cygnific

At Cygnific, we have a commitment to continuous improvement that drives our focus towards smart innovation. We recognise the power and importance of leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and improve the overall employee experience. In this article, we explore how Cygnific’s Innovation department plays a crucial role in identifying and implementing smart technological solutions, driven by improvement ideas from all levels of the organisation. 

Driving continuous improvement through smart innovation 

In an industry where customer service excellence is paramount, Cygnific embraces the power of smart innovation to stay ahead. With our constant attention for continuous improvement, Cygnificans at all levels of our company are encouraged to identify steps and processes that can be improved. Cygnific’s Innovation department acts as a catalyst, harnessing the collective intelligence of the organisation and translating it into impactful technological solutions. But how do they achieve that?

Custom-built applications and solutions that add value 

Technology is a key attribute of the customer service industry. We can’t do without technology if we want to provide our customers with a premium experience while managing our volumes at the same time. Cygnific’s smart innovation approach ensures that the technologies we apply align with our strategic goals. The Innovation department plays a pivotal role in this by: 

  • Identifying, designing, developing, delivering, and supporting custom-built applications and solutions  
  • Manage existing products and innovation projects  
  • Benchmark and consult on new external products and technologies 

We design what we build in-house, and we do this with a human-centred approach through design thinking. By working with products and technologies such as Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce, and Robotic Process Automation, Cygnific enhances its functional landscape, amplifying productivity and driving positive customer experiences. 


Collaboration: the key to smart innovation 

One of the hallmarks of Cygnific’s smart innovation approach is the emphasis on collaboration. The Innovation department actively seeks input and improvement ideas from employees across the organisation, encouraging a curious mindset and recognising that innovation can originate from any layer of the company. Together we seek new ideas, processes and technologies that improve the employee experience, benefit the customer experience and boost our operational efficiency.
We developed a new platform to enable this, and this is what our Tech Lead Maria Sequeira says about it: 

“Our team developed a platform called Spark, which allows everyone in the company to easily share their ideas. Drawing from my consultancy background, I contributed to the project by working on the tool requirements and supporting its development. This project is something I’m truly proud of!” 

By fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration, we’re able to tap into a wealth of ideas and perspectives, fueling the creation of cutting-edge solutions. 

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