Robert-Jan Klappe new Director Operations at Cygnific  

As of 1 April 2024, Robert-Jan Klappe joined Cygnific as the new Director Operations following Maartje van Vilsteren who rejoined KLM to further her career at Cygnific’s mother organisation. Robert-Jan brings a sales and customer contact background. Seeking out advancements in the areas of self-service and digitisation to improve customer services.   

“I am keen to advance both customer experience as well as the employee experience. Especially our colleagues who are the key entrance for our customers, make a huge difference. But they need to be supported by their Team Leads as well as technology to be able to make a true difference in customer service.”  

Robert-Jan started with his brothers in the Northern Netherlands, opening a chain of kiosks. He soon made a career change to focus on sales, starting as an Account Manager at KPN. Opportunities within the company led him to establish a new department: Quality Improvement. He eventually moved to a position as a Customer Contact Strategy Consultant. 

Operational involvement 

“I always wanted to remain actively involved in business operations,” says Robert-Jan, “this led me to choose Teleperformance as Contact Center Manager in 2020. During the COVID pandemic, I had the opportunity to help with a social project that allowed the Netherlands to emerge from the pandemic situation. A major enterprise and steep learning curve.”  

When asked about his approach to getting to know Cygnific, Robert-Jan says: “I will listen, ask and observe a lot. Looking for opportunities and identifying challenges is something that I believe can only be done by stepping into operations together with our Agents.” 

‘’I chose Cygnific because of my interest in KLM and the aviation industry. I want to be part of what Cygnific has already achieved and contribute and add value to what is yet to come.’’ 

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