Cygnific’s international talent at the WFM Awards 2023

Can you think of a group of colleagues who work mostly behind the scenes, but who are vital for a smooth customer service operation? Yes, they are the Workforce Management (WFM) professionals. At Cygnific we’re lucky enough to have quite a talented bunch of them. Once a year, a bright light shines on these much-appreciated colleagues with the celebration of the WFM Awards. This year’s ceremony took place last month. Cygnific was represented by our nominee and Senior Traffic Controller from Manila, Maria Valentin. Her Manager, Virginia Costoya Blasco joined her to celebrate her achievements. Unfortunately, we did not take home an award this year, but we can look back on a very successful evening.

Cygnific’s talent from the Philippines

Fellow professionals in fancy outfits and a marvellously set table with a nice menu. Maria flew more than 6,000 miles to attend the award show: “It’s such an honour to be nominated and I’m more than grateful for the support from my family, friends and colleagues”. We asked Maria about the highlight of this journey to which she responded: “People reaching out and saying they voted for you and appreciate what you do really meant a lot. Having my Manager, Virginia, there also meant a great deal. She appreciates every single thing I do. She has always been cheering for me, and she never stopped believing in me! I also want to thank my colleagues, who have been cheering until the end and are showering me with kindness.”

Virginia, Manager Central Traffic Control at Cygnific, also looks back on a great evening.

“The gala was amazing! Being part of such an event, representing Cygnific and seeing how Maria’s work is recognised, made me very proud.”

What makes WFM special?

“During this evening, I realised that the work we do is vital for our company. Teamwork is the key to success. We’re a department that works closely with every single discipline in our organisation. Every new improvement idea or implementation of a new process is carried out in cooperation with other departments. This makes being part of Workforce Management exciting and rewarding.”- Virginia.

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