Cygnific wins Customer Service Award

During the yearly Flight Plan meeting held in Paris on 10 February, Cygnific won the customer service award for highest sales in paid services. In 2022, Cygnific contributed 22% of the total sales for the KLM and Air France group for paid options. These paid options can be services like upgrades, seats and baggage. We attribute and dedicate this award to all our Cygnificans working hard every day to provide the best possible service for our customers. This award added extra sparkle to a day that was already special for our company. During the evening we celebrated our 25-year anniversary in style with all our colleagues in the Netherlands. We can safely say this day will be remembered in our history. 


What makes our Agents special? 

The award was given during the CuSer (Customer Service) Flight Plan 2023 meeting. CuSer is the overarching party of the KLM and Air France group handling customer service in cooperation with all of their customer contact centres. As part of the programme, all customer contact centres competed for awards in five different categories. 

Cornelie Buitink, Manager Performance and Support, received the award on behalf of Cygnific. As she took the stage, she explained what makes Cygnific Agents so special: 

“We always make sure our Agents ask open questions to our passengers. They have a genuine interest in why the passenger is flying and what they might need. One of our Agents even sold EUR45.000 in paid options last year, what an achievement!” 


Premium Customer Experience 

Providing our customers with an engaging customer journey is what we’re good at. We always focus on high-quality service by digging deep into the customer’s needs. Our Agents: 

  • respond to these needs
  • spot sales opportunities 
  • anticipate pro-actively on future questions

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