Insights from Cygnific’s CCMA Site Visit

A CCMA site visit at Cygnific

On a sunny afternoon in Amsterdam, we welcomed over 50 customer service managers to our office in collaboration with the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA). The aim of this site visit at Cygnific was to gain insights into how to translate brand values to the work floor. We also took this opportunity to showcase Cygnific’s role within the Air France/KLM group and how we handle customer service for our clients G-Star RAW, Rituals, and Pink Gellac.

The buzz already started in the morning when we welcomed a few guestrf54ts and did the final preparations. Today we want to learn from each other, share ideas, and give our guests a glimpse of the Cygnific touch. The event also served as an opportunity to show the valued people in the customer service industry what we do and who we are.

Translating brand values to the work floor

Several speakers shared their expertise on various topics. We talked about finding and hiring the right people. Passion for the job is not enough; the person also needs to be passionate about the brand. Maarten from CCMA interacted with the audience and discussed how to translate brand values to the customer. He emphasised the importance of the management team knowing the brand values and communicating them to the lower levels.

Brand values and client collaboration

Hajar presented the Air France/KLM’s brand values and how we as Cygnific use them in our everyday practice. Rommy Hofler from Rituals talked about the collaboration between Cygnific and Rituals, which started with a 400% increase in volumes during Q4. The collaboration has now grown into a fixed team of 30 Agents, which is upscaled during peak periods.

Lorenzo from G-Star RAW talked about how to bring the G-Star DNA to us. He discussed the DARE programme, which helps with onboarding and facilitates the hybrid office concept. It allows Agents to work from the G-Star RAW headquarters, home, or the Cygnific office. It is a benefit for everyone as it provides flexibility for Agents and allows G-Star RAW to have their employees close. He also emphasised that it’s not enough to be a good communicator; one also needs to know about fashion.

Natalie from Pink Gellac shared her vision for the brand and how they want to expand internationally. Did you know this company recently opened its first store in Antwerp? Pink Gellac wasn’t just looking for a call centre to support them. We are going to collaborate and think along with them on many different levels.

Cygnific’s CCMA site visit was a great success! It was a day full of learning, sharing, and collaboration, and we are looking forward to more events like this in the future.

Interested in what we can do for you? Reach out to us today, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Maarten Oosterhoff presenting during Cygnific CCMA site visit
Rommy Hofler, head of customer relations at Rituals, presenting.
CCMA customer service Managers listening.
Time for relaxation and playing pool
Noortje Pesch giving a tour of the building
customer service managers talking
Ambassador talk with Jose Bitschin
Proud ladies
CCMA site visit programme


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